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Cancer Cure Natural Foods

Cancer Cure Foods

Many causes of cancer are environmental, largely from tobacco, excessive sun exposure and workplace hazards such as chemical solvents and fumes. Avoidance is the best prevention strategy here. Aside from that, if you want to try some cancer cure foods, then keep in mind that natural foods carry some cancer-protection properties.

Cruciferous Vegetablescrucifers

Cruciferous vegetables are those in the mustard or cabbage family. These vegetables, in varying degrees, are rich in anti-cancer properties. It is important not to overcook these greens.

Green Teagreen-tea

Start drinking up to a half-gallon of green tea a day, cold or hot, caffeine is damned. (Tea only has a third of the caffeine found in most coffee). Green tea has epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and catechins, as tough on cancer cells as they are on the tongue to pronounce. Epigallocatechin gallate retards cancer growth. Note also that black teas lose healthy catechins in the fermentation process; and decaffeinated teas lose catechins in the washing process.

Vitamin DVitamin D

Vitamin D isn’t a food; it is a proto-hormone that seems to interfere with cancer growth. There are few vegetarian sources other than eggs and UV-irradiated mushrooms. Your best bet comes from the waterways: catfish, salmon, sardines, or mackerel. The good and the pure natural way to get vitamin D is Sun light.

Green Vegetablesgreen vegetables

This category of vegetables overlaps the cruciferous family and includes chard, spinach and beets (by virtue of the leaves, but the red root is healthy, too). These vegetables contain, among other goodies, beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin — each of which are powerful antioxidants that can block early cancer development.

Ginger and Turmericginger_and_turmeric

Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can slow cancer growth. Turmeric, the spice that forms the base of most curries, is from a root in the ginger family. The active ingredient is curcumin, which can kill cancer cells quickly, albeit in a test tube. Ginger and turmeric enhance the flavor of most any meal and come with a long list of healthful benefits.



There is a class of chemicals in cocoa called catechins, also found in tea, that seem to offer protection against heart disease, stroke and cancer. Chocolate not only is a Cancer cure food but also enhance your mood and taste as well.



Any food with word “berry” in it is extremely healthy. Focus on a variety of seasonal berries and add them to plain, no-fat yogurt. Berries enhance you resistance power against diseases and provide you the taste as well.


Scrumptious Smoothiesmoothies

You’ll be amazed the amount of healthy junk you can cram into a smoothie — flaxseed, wheat germ, and even bitter vegetables — and still come up with something tasty as long as you include berries, kiwis, bananas, peeled carrots or any combination thereof.

Many people with cancer are interested in trying anything that may help them, including complementary and alternative cancer treatments. If cancer makes you feel as if you have little control over your health, alternative cancer treatments may offer some feeling of control.

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