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Lala Fitness Apparel Review

Here is the review on one of the most popular brands known for fitness apparel.Lala apparel is an online retailer known for high quality and motivational workout clothes. They carry hoodies, pants, shorts ,tank tops,t-shirts, running jackets, sweatshirts, bras and leggings. I have bought few of their items and so far the tank tops and leggings are my favorite for the perfect muscle cut and comfortable fabric.I found the shirt super comfortable that is not too low cut under the arms.

The quality is amazing and will leave you wanting more.I found Lala apparels when I was searching for the better quality leggings and fitness wear online because I was tired of finding low quality transparent leggings at my local store.

About the leggings one amazing for as much as they charge one would think they would provide a better fabric so your underwear doesn’t peak out each time you squat.


The sizing on these fitness apparels is definitely women’s sizes for women with some compression and tummy control that I never found before in any fitness apparel on local stores. More over the shirts and tank tops that I owe are fantastic for both athletic and casual wear with thicker, softer and flexible texture.


Return and exchange:

One thing I experienced once was ordering wrong size as I am very petite at 5’2’’ so medium size was actually high waist on me and Lala apparel offers exchange any item for another size , so if you do end up ordering the wrong size, no worries but make sure to read their Return/exchange policy.

Pricing and Discounts:

Lala apparel also offer clean-out sales for their top selling items once in a while. You can also find significant discounts and many special offers by visiting the website more oftenly lala fitness apparel .They accept paypal and credit/debit cards (visa,mastercard,American express, Discover).


Putting it all together you can deadlift,crossfit,run,zumba,yoga,squat,home workouts and whatever else makes you happy with the comfortable fitness apparel as offered by Lala fitness apparel because you know the feeling when your mind, body and spirit are fully In tune and every ounce of you feels like it’s glowing.

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