Wednesday, March, 21, 2018

Physical Fitness & Health

BeachBody Black Friday 2015

Beachbody Black Friday 2015 is right around the corner and people are starting to look for the deals. Every year Beachbody Black Friday offers some of the most watched out of all the retail sale opportunities. What can shoppers expect to see this season? Black Friday and holiday shopping just got a little easier and much more affordable, especially for online …

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How to Stay Fit and Healthy in Ramadan

Stay Fit During Ramzan

With Ramadan right around us, Muslims around the world fasting from dawn to dusk always wonders; how to prevent weight gain and muscle loss during these 30-days holy month? Ramadan commemorates the revelation of the Quran and provides Muslims all over the world the opportunities to self-reflect, willpower, and practice gratitude. Apart from breaking bad habits, fasting is also beneficial …

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What is Hepatitus C – Causes and Prevention

Let us first explain what ‘Hepatitis’ is. It is an inflammation of liver and hepatitis C is a liver inflammation caused by the Hepatitis C Virus aka (HCV). Some other types of viral hepatitis include hepatitis A, B, D and E. Hepatitis A and E are caused by contaminated foods and drinks. Whereas hepatitis B, C and D are transmitted …

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Components of Physical Fitness

Before going deep in what are components of physical fitness, let us first define physical fitness. What is Physical Fitness? Physical fitness being an important part of our life, it is like an indicator that shows whether you have the ability to perform and enjoy daily physical activity with ease. Physical activity is generally achieved through following Exercise and physical …

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High Intensity Interval Training Exercises – HIIT

One of the greatest buzzwords in world of fitness and weight loss is High Intensity Interval Training or simply HIIT. This exercise has potential to allow an exercise to lose weight faster than any other form of aerobic exercise. Interval training is not new in the field of sports conditioning, it has become a popular form of exercise for general …

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Reasons Why You Should Run on Treadmill

Treadmills are not just for winters when there is a cold weather outside and don’t find space to run. This incredible machine can actually help you reaching your fitness goals if used properly and good care is taken. Here are the top reasons why you should run on treadmill, how it turns your training around and helps you get faster: …

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Foods that Helps Lower Your Blood Pressure

Foods that lowers blood pressure

High blood pressure which typically has no warning signs or any symptoms and most of us do not know they have it, so we should get it checked regularly. Over the time an unaddressed high blood pressure can have disastrous consequences like stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and blindness. That is why it is also called the silent killer. Every …

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Cold Weather Workouts

It doesn’t matter which time of year it is, staying healthy and breathing fresh air is a boon to your body. Exercising outdoor surely crank up the energy and keeping you fit and healthy while decreasing tension, frustration and depression according to recent research published Environmental Science & Technology. Those effects will be intensified in winter, the heat and humidity …

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How to Use Treadmill Effectively

Are you one of them who think that treadmill is an overrated cardio machine? It’s just a waste of time or something unpleasant that you need to get over with? Most of them who have hit the gym treat that treadmill with disdain, a machine which must be used for a minimum of 15 minutes or so until you can …

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Ebola: Myths and Facts!


The world is facing the worst Ebola outbreak of the history. By now, almost everyone has heard the name of this deadly disease. West Africa is the most affected area till date. Although, the disease has caused unnecessary panic and paranoia in United States. Unnecessary, because there has been a shocking amount of misinformation on the disease. Therefore, it is …

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