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The Importance of Time Management

Goal-Setting-ManagementWhenever you hear someone talking about time management, you may think that the subject does not concern us. You may not feel that way but we know a lot of people who feel that way. We using the word ‘You’ to refer to an average person and not to refer to someone specifically. So, do not feel offended if you are a time management enthusiast!

The average person is not enthused by the need to manage time, mainly for two reasons. First, he thinks that this subject is only for the busy people, people who have no time to have a regular breakfast or say hello to their children. Secondly, he thinks that he has a lot of time at his disposal and hence need not be concerned with the question of managing it. You can easily see the flaws in this kind of reasoning unfortunately this line of reasoning is widely prevalent among people. One of the factors that have contributed to this attitude is the hype created on this topic by management experts and trainers in personality development.

There is a need to dispel the misconceptions about time management deeply entrenched in the minds of people. The sense of apathy should be replaced by a sense of time consciousness. Let us deal with the two reasons cited by those not inclined to the topic of time management.

Time management is only for the busy people:

‘It is not for me’ is a typical response people come out with to avoid responsibilities. If a teacher talks to her students about the need for regular study habits, each of her students will think that the teacher is addressing other students. ‘Since I am perfect, I don’t need any suggestions for improvement’ is a complacent thought that instantly sprouts out from the depth of our minds. Busy people are more concerned with time management because they realize the value of managing their time. They would have experienced the benefits of managing their time effectively. But those who are not enthused by the subject are the ones who are not aware of the benefits they will derive by learning and making use of the concepts of time management.

I have a lot of time at my disposal:

This statement indicates that you are not able to make effective use of the time at your disposal. Yet you have a lot of things to do and many of them remain unattended for a long time. Having a lot of time and a lot of pending things is a clear sign that you have not been making use of your time properly. Knowing how to manage your time effectively will enable you to do much more than what you are doing now and enhance the quality of your time.

Two things are important in life. Earning money and maintaining good relationships. If you want to be happy and successful, you should focus on these two areas of financial success and harmonious relationships.

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