Friday, June, 23, 2017

Revolutionize Your Health With Lemon and Honey

Revolutionize your health

Lemon & honey are amongst common foods in most of the kitchens. They are being used since ancient times by many cultures and there is a reason behind it. Raw honey is not only delicious but it also contains antibacterial property that is helpful in treating infections and skin problems. Lemon is known for its refreshing taste and it improves …

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Foods that Helps Lower Your Blood Pressure

Foods that lowers blood pressure

High blood pressure which typically has no warning signs or any symptoms and most of us do not know they have it, so we should get it checked regularly. Over the time an unaddressed high blood pressure can have disastrous consequences like stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and blindness. That is why it is also called the silent killer. Every …

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Warning Signs of Diabetes You Shouldn’t Ignore

Warning Signs of Diabetes You Shouldn't Ignore

Type II diabetes is common modern age disease these days. Initially it has a few symptoms that can be easily overlooked. Most of us who have it do not even know about it. Diabetes is serious condition that could lead to serious conditions like cardiovascular and neurological damage, so it is important to detect it as early as possible. Diabetes …

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Effects of Negative Thoughts and Emotions on Human Body

Effects of negatve thougths on our body

We all have some type of emotions associated with our life. Whether we are happy or sad, depressed or joyful, emotions are very crucial part of our daily life. But it should be kept in mind that emotions are connected with our overall health. Our body releases different chemicals depending on the emotions that you are feeling at certain moment. …

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Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Do you want to lose weight and also have problem of indigestion? The solution is simple all you have to speed up your metabolism and do not waste your time by blaming the poor genetics or your fortune and try to bring change by adopting following tips: Eat foods that are rich in protein. Never skip your breakfast. Develop laughter …

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Benefits of Drinking Water on Empty Stomach

Benefits of drinking water on empty stomach

Scientific tests have confirmed that drinking water on empty stomach immediately after getting out of bed cure certain disease doesn’t matter if they are more serious or simply mild afflictions. Like obesity, epilepsy, kidney diseases, vomiting, gastric, headaches, diabetes, constipation, uterine disease. Method First thing in the morning when you wake up, before doing anything drink about 160ml of water. …

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What Happens in Our Body When You Drink Soda

What soda can do to our body

It is well known fact that carbonated drinks are not good for your health. It is high in sugar, caffeine and other various chemicals that contribute to adverse effects these beverages have on our body. Human body reacts strongly when exposed to such ingredients of average soda drinks. Following things happen within an hour of drinking a single can of …

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Best Foods to Cleanse Your Kidney

Cleanse your kidney

Kidneys are the two vital organs in human body and they are responsible for clearing waste materials from our body. It balances body fluids from urine and the other important functions of human body. Kidney processes the blood every day to sift out waste products and extra water, which in turn becomes urine that flows to the bladder through the …

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India Pakistan Cricket Rivalry

India Pakistan Cricket Match

The Pakistan-India cricket rivalry is one of the most intense sports rivalries in the world. According to a TV rating firms Pakistan India cricket match attract about 3 hundred million TV viewers, the world cup semi final between the two teams attracted about 150 million TV viewers, one of the largest TV event of the year. First ever match between …

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Healthy Valentine’s Day Ideas

The month of celebrating loved one is here, cupid has got you hooked. So what it is in your mind for this Healthy Valentine’s Day? The fun fitness workouts are the best idea to gift for the fitness lovers. While fitness may not be your first thought when you think of a Valentine’s Day gift. You have to take care …

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Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Benefits of weight loss

Most of us of would have a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in their pantry. It is a tasty addition to homemade pickles, salad dressings and marinades. Many of its supposed benefits are unproven but experts think that adding a little amount of this may have some health benefits ACV Weight Loss A study test was conducted in Japan, …

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3 Days to your best Valentines day ever

3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack

A little ice cream and an extra piece of pizza, and before you know it your jeans are much tight and you need a quick way to loose pounds and get back on track. So why not on this Valentine day show yourself some love! Feel cleaner, lighter, healthier no matter what your plans for 14th February are with 3 …

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Are We Addicted to Sugar?

Are you addicted to sugar

Most of the people used to get a carving for a little sweet after dinner. It is an increasing problem for Americans who are conditioned to carve sugar because of a constant exposure from processed foods. It is bad for your teeth and waistline. More and more research has been done and it says that excessive sugar intake leads to …

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High Calories Foods That are Good for You

high calories good foods

When we say foods are high in calories, we think they must be unhealthy. The foods that we have mentioned are very dense in calories but they are still a healthy diet in moderation. We need at least some dietary fat for our hormones to function properly and to absorb minerals and vitamins. Doctors recommend not less than 15% fat …

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Walk More to Live 7.2 Years Longer

brisk walk

According to researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, just 75 minutes of brisk walk per week can mean a gain of 1.8 years of life after age 40, compared to people who do not exercise at all. Those who have completed 150 min of brisk walk in a week (the amount recommended by the federal government and the …

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