Friday, December, 15, 2017

Nail Biting – A sign of Nervousness

When people are nervous, they fidget. Fidgeting involves moving with excitement. Hands, legs and other parts of the body make quick movements, with no particular aim. It is a reflex action, initiated by the subconscious mind. This, in fact, is a reaction to a tense or exigent situation. We do not know what to do but we know that we …

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How to Stay Fit and Healthy in Ramadan

Stay Fit During Ramzan

With Ramadan right around us, Muslims around the world fasting from dawn to dusk always wonders; how to prevent weight gain and muscle loss during these 30-days holy month? Ramadan commemorates the revelation of the Quran and provides Muslims all over the world the opportunities to self-reflect, willpower, and practice gratitude. Apart from breaking bad habits, fasting is also beneficial …

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Dealing With Difficult Patients In Your Pharmacy

On a daily basis, your pharmacy is interacting with customers from a diverse range of backgrounds, with a kaleidoscope of health conditions and requirements. As such, it’s inevitable that you may encounter patients who are rude, angry, or generally a little difficult to deal with. Whatever situation arises in your pharmacy, it’s important to manage it discreetly and professionally at …

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What is Hepatitus C – Causes and Prevention

Let us first explain what ‘Hepatitis’ is. It is an inflammation of liver and hepatitis C is a liver inflammation caused by the Hepatitis C Virus aka (HCV). Some other types of viral hepatitis include hepatitis A, B, D and E. Hepatitis A and E are caused by contaminated foods and drinks. Whereas hepatitis B, C and D are transmitted …

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Cholesterol – Things You Must Know

cause of cholesterol

We live in an era where we literally have no time to look after our health. The only thing that we run after or care about at the moment is making money. We get up early in the morning, rush to work, eat junk food, work crazy, skip physical activity or exercise, and grab some more junk while returning from …

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Components of Physical Fitness

Before going deep in what are components of physical fitness, let us first define physical fitness. What is Physical Fitness? Physical fitness being an important part of our life, it is like an indicator that shows whether you have the ability to perform and enjoy daily physical activity with ease. Physical activity is generally achieved through following Exercise and physical …

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Reasons to Drink Shakeology

Shakeology is an ultimate rich in nutrition health shake that provides nutrients in low cal formula. It takes the guess work out of nutrition whether you use it as a meal replacement just want to make sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs for the your health. With single serving, you will get over 70 high-quality ingredients! Convenient, …

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Shakeology vs Vega One – A Shakeology Alternative ?

People are often looking for a Shakeology alternative but it can be very hard to find out because Shakeology is a complex formula. People have claimed the following to be Shakeology substitutes: Whey Protein Powder Body by Vi Shakes Herbalife Monavie Slim Fast Myoplex Isagenix And many more… While each of the above can fulfill your needs, they are NOT …

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High Intensity Interval Training Exercises – HIIT

One of the greatest buzzwords in world of fitness and weight loss is High Intensity Interval Training or simply HIIT. This exercise has potential to allow an exercise to lose weight faster than any other form of aerobic exercise. Interval training is not new in the field of sports conditioning, it has become a popular form of exercise for general …

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Healthy Summer Breakfast Ideas

Summer mornings, when you are awoken by humidity rather than sound of your alarm, the last thing you want to do is to turn on the oven or the stove to whip up some breakfast. You can grab a breakfast bar and prepare traditional meal or you could cool off yourself with some refreshing nutritious and healthy morning breakfast to …

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Post Workout Meal Ideas

The world of nutrition is fired up with controversy, many experts agreed that post workout meal can improve as compared to no meal at all. The challenge is simplifying all the nuances to consider so you can eat a post workout meal that works well for you. So the question is: What are the specific benefits of post workout meal? …

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Health Benefits of Vinegar

Health benefits of vinegar

Vinegar is one of the natural remedies for a variety of ailments and conditions; along with its tasty attributes, often used in salad dressings, marinade sauce, and many more, it has amazing ability to clean stuff, vinegar is versatile solution. The most commonly used vinegar tonics, prepared as a easy to drink concoction is the 2 tablespoon of vinegar in …

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Home Cardio Workouts – 15 Minutes Cardio Routine

Doing an effective cardio workouts at home without any equipment could be a bit challenging because of focus, boredom, vicinity of couch and TV, and of course the limitations we encounter when trying to rev up the heart rate in a little space of our living room. Not to worry, because the cardiovascular exercise can be made easy by breaking …

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Personalizing Your Fitness Goals

personalize fitness goals

40 % of chronic diseases can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating a healthy diet and working out regularly. Yet people have become increasingly obese and sedentary. “People just are not making the connection between unhealthy lifestyle choices and disease risk,” according to Alice Burron, MS, spokeswoman for the American Council on Exercise and author of Four …

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The Best Outdoor Exercises

Spring and summer are perfect seasons to enjoy your outdoor exercises such as tennis, basketball, golf, football, and soccer (although these are sports, but let them consider as exercises); make a good time for anything you like to do outside while the sun is shining and weather is perfect. The best exercises offers various ways to have fun. You just …

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